elcome! I am starting as an assistant professor at University of Maine-Farmington in fall 2017 and currently updating my website; check back soon for more recent information or feel free to email with questions. 

Post-doctoral research associate || School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, University of Washington

As an ecologist, I am motivated to explore how aquatic ecosystems function across multiple scales, and how these systems respond to broader environmental changes as individual components and as ecosystems. My research combines multiple analysis techniques, including modeling and empirically-driven approaches, and I am continually working to develop new skills to answer challenging ecological questions. My desire to become a scientist was driven by enthusiasm to continue learning, and I have found teaching to be a fulfilling way to share my excitement about the natural world and the process of science. See my research and teaching pages for more.
Please feel free to browse my website, and contact me with any questions (rhovel at uw dot edu).

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